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Photojournal of 16506's Travels

The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, OH
Badlands National Park - Interior, SD
John DeLorean's home during some of the bachelor days - Bloomfield Hills, MI.
The "original" DeLorean Motor Company - USA headquarters - Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Bob Gail in my DeLorean. He directed the Back to the Future movies with Bob Zemeckis.
When being pressured to use a Ford Mustang for the movie Bob G's famous reply was...
"Doc Brown doesn't drive a F#@$'ing Mustang!"
Carhenge - Alliance, NE
Comerica Park - home of the Detroit Tigers
Crazy Horse Memorial - Crazy Horse, SD
The Michigan Central Train Station - Detroit, MI.
John DeLorean's childhood home - Detroit, MI.
A reflection in the windshield of the former GM Headquarters
(currently named "Cadillac Plaza") - Detroit, MI.
16506 inside of DeLorean World magazine. The photograph was taken at
Desmond & Sons Funeral Home on Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak, MI
while attending John DeLorean's viewing/memorial service.
Fort Cody Trading Post - North Platte, NE
Gilmore Car Museum - Hickory Corners, MI.
16506 goes INTO Resurrection Live Church - Kalamazoo MI
Click for video
Jolly Green Giant - Blue Earth, MN
The Mackinac Bridge - Mackinaw City, MI.
Mitchell Corn Palace - Mitchell, SD
Mt. Rushmore - Hermosa, SD
Mt. Rushmore - Hermosa, SD
16506 & Jenette at the Evans City Cemetery, PA
where parts of the classic movie "Night of the Living Dead" was filmed.
16506's 1st owner, Dave Bauerle drove from Ohio to the
DOA's 3rd Annual Products Fair - Santa Barbara, CA
John DeLorean's grave - Pontiac, MI.
John DeLorean's grave - Pontiac, MI.
Andrew Probert in my DeLorean.
He designed the look of the Back to the Future DeLorean along with other items like:
Airwolf, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Next Generation, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, etc.
"Shawshank Prison" - technically The Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH
Spam Museum - Austin, MN
University of Findlay, Ohio with Derrick the Oiler
National Museum United States Air Force - Dayton, OH
Wall Drug Store - Wall, SD
Wind Cave National Park - Hot Springs, SD
Amish country - North East Ohio
Belcourt Castle - Newport, RI
P.J.Grady's - West Sayville, NY
Driving into NYC, NY
Woodward Dream Cruise - Detroit to Pontiac, MI